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"Our family entrusted the care of our father to Dreamers Home Health Care, LLC during the final chapters of his life. The caregivers of this organization were kind, caring , and well trained. They provided the finest care that we could have ever hoped for. My father could be challenging at times and his caregivers were always compassionate and understanding of his situation. We were assured that my father would be cared for as if he were their own father. That was a promise that was never broken.

The staff was respectful and honest without fail – qualities that were important when full-time care in the home became a necessity as it did in our case. The children of my father were contacted immediately when a situation arose that required our attention. They appropriately suggested actions to enhance the care of my father and made certain they received permission to make any changes in his care plan. The staff exercised excellent judgment in emergency situations.

The owner of the company even visited my father when he was hospitalized on and off over the past several years. He held vigil in the hospital room with our family for hours the night that our father died. We had not asked him to be there, he chose to be there. We will always be grateful for everything that he and his staff did for our father.""

Julie S. , Birmingham, MI

Dreamers has been helping me care for my mother since June of this year I am very pleased with the care that is given to my mom they have been very helpful. Seth has been very personable and I recommend them highly. I want to thank Seth and especially the aide that comes in for all the help they are giving me. I highly recommend them!

Becky S. Barry
Redford, MI

My family used Dreamers Homecare when my father became very ill. It was a great relief to have them involved. Seth, our caregiver from Dreamers, was warm, respectful, and attentive. He used a wonderful monitor system to allow my father and mother to have their own space as well. It seemed that he very much cared about my family–particularly my father.They had a wonderful relationship. I highly recommend them.

Miriam S
West Bloomfield, MI

Dreamers took care of my father more than once. During each bout of illness my father needed full time care and was being very difficult about having anyone in his home. We had tried other agencies to no avail. Then my dad met Seth of Dreamers Home Health Care. Seth is trustworthy, kind, caring and above all compassionate. Seth was with my dad during several periods when my dad couldn’t take care of himself. Seth was there when he had his final stroke and visited him in the hospital during his final days on earth. I highly recommend Seth for any of your home healthcare needs.

I highly recommend Seth for any of your home healthcare needs.

Cathy G.
Atlanta, Georgia

There was always a caring person available to be with my parents in their time of need while they were at a particularly lacking assisted living facility, it was a challenge, with Dad bedridden with a broken hip and arm and pressure sores from the surgery, and Mom depressed and wandering with advanced dementia, somehow the folks provided by Dreamers were able to coax mom to eat and feed and care for my Dad 24 hrs a day. The caregivers were loving and kind, held mom’s hand, patiently listening to her rattle on and let me know when things were getting bad. I don’t know how I could have gotten through last year without them. I especially loved when Cynthia used to sing and pray with Dad to keep his spirits up. Jean became friends with our entire family and still visits Dad even though she isn’t working for him anymore.Jannet and Sidria used to treat them as if they were their own parents. Both of them used to share their food with mom, even brought extras just for her. When Mom was dying, Penda was amazingly comforting and helpful and stayed through a double shift so Dad didn’t have to be alone the day we had to move him to a new place. Even Sally our newest helper at the time single-handedly packed most of the apartment on top of caring for dad.Today we are down to just Nakisha who spends 3 days a week with Dad taking him to activities and feeding him, and he looks forward to seeing her, consistency being important with dementia patients. Seth is the most compassionate and responsible of people to deal with, and in this line of business he stands head and shoulders above many other providers who are liars and cheaters just telling you what you want to hear and providing a warm body and little else. Seth has integrity, I have known him for over 3 years and would say that he is by far the most honest and reliable in his profession. You will know your loved ones are in good hands when he is in charge.

Susan L.
Howell, M

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